User-Generated Content

User Generated Content

User-Generated Content is one of the most powerful types of engaging content. We all understand how important visuals are when it comes to buyer conversions, however, stock photos are no longer cutting it. Customers need authentic content to make a purchase, this is where UGC comes in. Proven to result in a 29% increase in web conversions, content which is created and shared by your customers is a straightforward way to earn free publicity and drive sales.

Promoting your brand through your consumers may seem like an obvious marketing strategy, however, fewer brands are utilising their consumers. User-Generated Content is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to optimise your marketing efforts. Below we have outlined some of the many benefits of UGC and why you should turn your consumers into brand promoters.

Increase Social Proof 

Humans are most likely to seek proof of the benefits of products. 92% of consumers rely on referrals from people they know while 82% are likely to follow recommendations from influencers. Not just supporting your marketing efforts, UGC is statistically proven to help drive conversions and sales. UGC helps customers to make a purchase. By giving real consumers the platform to tell real stories, brands are more likely to be trusted; millennials trust UGC 50% more than other types of media!

Build your Online Community

Whether you are just getting started with building your online community or if its already a thriving hub, UGC can help. Consumer endorsements through UGC engages audiences to promote your product and created an effective brand community.

Bridge the Gap between Brand and Consumer

UGC closes the gap between your brand and your consumers. Consumers want to see the face behind the brands, they want to be a part of a community. UGC is a highly effective form of advocacy marketing and has a 28% higher engagement rate than standard brand posts. Put a face to this community by promoting your consumer’s experiences. Videos which have been created by and also feature users get 10x more views on streaming channels than content created by brands.

Encourage Brand Desire

Social proof is key to any purchase, reviews inform about the benefits of your product and images of happy customers create brand desire. Humans are an envious bunch who desire to belong. If you create an engaged community for an awesome product they will want to join, so sit back and watch the sales conversions!

Whether you are selling a product or an experience, UGC is a powerful marketing technique that helps drive awareness and sales of your brand. What if you could increase your event exposure without all the hard work? By providing an easy platform for customers to find and share images of themselves, Photofoxx turns your event attendees into influencers. Find out how Photofoxx can increase your organic marketing reach here.

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