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Amplify reach with our event software

Our software matches your event photography to attendees to kickstart the social sharing and marketing of your event.

Launching in December 2020.

But don’t just take our word for it…

The quick, easy way to find photos taken of you

“It’s one central place that alerts me when there’s a new photo, which means no more endless scrolling or searching social media trying to find the photos of me after an event”
Catherine Dowling
Bexley, London

Up to 5 times more publicity for event organisers

“Social sharing of our events has massively increased thanks to people being able to find and share their photos so easily – it creates a real buzz”
Dan Harvey
Devil Mud Run

Private, secure access to photos

“I feel much more comfortable having private access to photos taken of me at an event than having to wait for a public album with hundreds of photos on social media”
Laura Golden
Clapham, London

How does our event software work?

Photofoxx software connects event photos with attendees in just 4 simple steps:

1. Launch email

The event organizer emails attendees to say that all event photos will be automatically matched and encourage opt-in

2. Attendee sign-up

Attendees create a Photofoxx account if they don’t already have one. Then, they upload a profile photo

3. Photo upload

Your event photographer uploads event photos, which are automatically branded and matched to attendees

4. Photo sharing

Attendees receive a personalised email, letting them instantly view and share photos of them from the event

Easy to use features

Here’s how Photofoxx amplifies event photography

Auto-matched photos

Our software automatically matches event photos with attendees

Multiple photographers

More than one event photographer? No problem!

Customised branding

Change opacity, text size and fonts to promote your brand the way you want.


Track how your event photos are being shared on social with our analytics tool

Email Marketing

Drive opt-in with your attendees with emails branded especially for your event

Forget photography booths.

Our event software turns your photos into a key marketing and promotion tool, helping you reach new customers. Try Photofoxx for free, with no obligation to upgrade.
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2019 winter cohort graduate (London)

Photofoxx was incubated and launched on the world's largest pre-seed accelerator programme, Founder Institute.

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